Created in 1964 within the metal transformation sector, FORJAS DE VIANA is now an example of how a modern and dynamic forging company must work to offer its customers the most complete and reliable service.


FORJAS DE VIANA manufactures hot forging parts of up to 20 kg in carbon, alloy or stainless steel for different industrial sectors, both inside and outside our country.


We design and develop our own tools from a drawing or sample.

We carry out accurate machining and/or assembly works for each part: drilling, milling, turning, threading, welding, etc.

We can achieve different types of finishes. From thermal treatments to surface finishes such as paint, zinc baths and hot dip galvanising.

We also have a continuous improvement programme for our machinery and facilities.


The variety of our customers forces us to systematically apply a rigorous Quality Control to ensure that all our products meet the demands of each order.


Therefore, our company has the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certificate.